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These pages diplay pictures of original paintings that I have done in watercolor, gouache, and inks over the past few years. Most of my pictures are raw, real pictures. I like to show that beauty is in the eye of reality. One of my favorite topics is women that have had plastic surgery. I was blessed to paint the work of the finest Newport Beach plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons are artists themselves. Please browse the raw beauty of life through my eyes.

There will also be pages showing photos that I took in Africa. Originals that are still available for sale can be found by clicking on the Originals button at the left.

Keep in mind that early on I didn't know how to take pictures of paintings so the quality of these images will vary.

Please browse through and enjoy. To see the titles of the pictures, right click on the image and choose Properties. Ignore the "mini" at the end of each title--that was just so I'd know what to upload.

I'd love to get comments from you by way of the guest book which comes by e-mail to me.
Naturally, I know you won't use any of these images for any commercial purpose and if you use them at all, please give me credit. Thanks.

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