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Bill and I have traveled to Southern Africa a lot. The pages in this section will show some of the thousands of photographs I have taken over the years. Because I create paintings from these photos they are all mixed together as far as dates are concerned. I keep them in folders by species and that's how I'll divide them here. There will also be a page of the sort of places we visit--the accomodations, the transportation, the scenery, etc. We hope you'll enjoy this e-safari with us.
If there is any way you can take a trip to Southern Africa, we highly recommend it. No matter how wonderful and exciting you dream it might be, it's a zillion times better. But beware, it's very hard to go only once. It's like a disease--demanding your return.

To see us in an Okavango mokoro, click on the Delta night lily.
(Please allow time for the "effect" to load.)

To join us on a virtual safari, click on this leopard drawing or the button on the home page to view Africa 2000, our trip last spring to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

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